Mystery Destination: National Parks Week Edition

Here is another installment of our Mystery Destination Series. We've had a lot of fun with this game and we invite you to participate by sending in your idea for an outdoor mystery destination. Contact me at the address below if you have a great suggestion.

In previous weeks our Mystery Outdoor Destinations have been Outdoor Towns, National Rivers, and Backpacking Trails. This week we are going to honor National Parks Week by featuring one of our national parks. Read through the questions and see if you can name this mystery national park.

Mystery Destination Photo by David Jones


  • When you arrive at this national park you will see a large prairie of mixed grass and one of only four free-roaming and genetically pure bison herds in North America. However, the real gem here is under the ground.

  • President Theodore Roosevelt made this area a National Park in 1903 making it the 8th park in the national park system and the first cave to be designated a national park anywhere in the world.

  • This underground cave is currently believed to be the 6th longest cave in the world. Several miles of surveying is added each year.

  • In 1890 a mining company owned the rights to the cave and hoped to find minerals of value within the cave. The lack of mining discovery led to the cave becoming a tourist attraction. By February 1892, tourists were allowed to enter the cave at a reported cost of $1.00 ( a lot of money at the time).

  • The name of this national park comes from the movement of air between the cave and the air above ground.

Do you think you know this mystery destination? Enter your guess in the comments below then forward this post to your friends to see if they know.

Do you have a mystery destination that you think would be great for our series? Email me at ahawbaker (at) We may use your suggestion in next week's post.

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