Mystery Destination: Our Newest National Monument

Nothing is better than wide open spaces close to home. These types of forests, parks and monuments give people a place to enjoy the outdoors and take small and large adventures. The President recently named a new National Monument. Did you catch the news? If not, read the clues below and see if you can guess this week's Mystery Destination, also known as our newest national monument.

  • More than 15 million people live within a 90-minute drive of this area. Beyond outdoor recreational opportunities, this area is also home to several archeological and culturally significant sites.

  • Visitors to this mountain range enjoy canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, picnicking and camping during the summer months and skiing and snowboarding during the winter. A few of the local ski resorts date back to the 1930s.

  • In 1929 the world's largest ski jump (of that time) was built in an attempt to draw the 1932 Olympics to this mountain range.

  • President Barack Obama established the national monument on October 10, 2014 to protect 346,177 acres for recreational use, habitat protection and resource protection.

  • The mountains protected in this monument are the backdrop for millions of people and are also seen on television during the famous New Year's Day Rose Parade among other events.

Do you know the name of this mountain range and our country's newest national monument?

Enter it in the comments below. Then forward this on to a friend to see if they can guess it too. Too easy? Try these other Mystery Destination Games:

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