Mystery Destination: A Western Town with Skiing, Animals and Art

Welcome to Part 4 of our Mystery Destination series. We've revealed one famous outdoor mystery destination each of the past 3 weeks. We've taken readers to a Giant Pile of Sand, A Famous Mountain in the Northeast and a Long-Distance Backpacking Tail. Each week we give you 5 clues and ask you to name this mystery outdoor lover's destination.

Read through the five clue and look at the attached photo. Today the answer is the name of a famous outdoor town in the American West. If you know the answer leave your guess in the comments below then share this page with your friends to see if they know the answer.

Mystery Destination Clues

  • Just outside of town you'll find a nearly 25,000 acre animal refuge which is home to 47 mammal and 147 bird species.

  • The town is a gateway for millions of tourists who visit one of the two nearby National Parks each year.

  • To access the town square you'll encounter some unique arches at each of the four entrances.

  • If you like wildlife art, you are in luck because you can peruse over 5,000 pieces of wildlife art from over 550 artists in a Congressionally designated National Museum.

  • Do you like some vertical with your downhill skiing? One of the local ski areas boasts one of the steepest vertical drops in North America with over 4,100 feet in total vertical feet of skiing.

Mystery Destination Photo by Jonathon Bruce

Do you know the answer? Have you been to this town? Let us know in the comments below if you know the answer. Bonus points if you have vacationed in this beautiful area so include your experience in your comment as well.

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