Name this Mystery Peak

If you've played any of our previous Mystery Destination Games, you know we love the national parks, mountains and other outdoor destinations. This week, we've chosen another well-known mountain peak as the subject of our mystery destination game. To play, simply read the five clues below, look at the photos then enter your guess in the comments below. The correct answer is the name of the mountain or volcano described below.

Mystery Mountain Destination Photo by Jeff Gunn

  • This mountain is the highest point in this state and is a prominent landmark visible up to 100 miles away.

  • Due to convenient access and a minimum of technical climbing challenges, about 10,000 people attempt to climb this mountain each year.

  • A hiking trail built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s circles around this mountain for a 40.7 mile hike. The Pacific Crest Trail shares a portion of this trail for about 11 miles.

  • This peak is home to 12 named glaciers and snowfields and is also home to six ski resorts.

  • One of the ski resorts on this mountain has a lodge that was built in the 1930s and is a National Historic Landmark. This lodge was used for some exterior shots for the movie The Shining.

Too easy? Enter the name of this mountain in the comments below then forward this to a friend to see if they know the answer. Extra points if you've climbed to the top this mystery peak.

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