Mystery Waterfalls

Everybody loves waterfalls. There is one water fall that is extremely well-known for its blue-green waters and beautiful pools. That particular waterfall is the subject of this week's Mystery Destination. You know how to play, read the clues, look at the photo and enter your guess in the comments below.

  • It consists of one main chute that drops over a 90-foot to 100-foot vertical cliff into a large pool. Due to the high mineral content of the water, the configuration of the falls is ever-changing and sometimes breaks into two separate chutes of water.

  • The falls are known for their natural pools, created by mineralization, although the configuration of the falls and the pools are damaged or destroyed repeatedly by flash floods that wash through the area.

  • Known throughout the world these falls have appeared in numerous magazines and television shows, and is often included in calendars that feature incredible waterfalls or beautiful scenery. Visitors from all over the world make the trip to visit these falls.

  • These falls are located on tribal land. The name of the tribe is translated to "People of Blue-Green Waters".

Mystery Falls Photo by Steve Pot

Have you visited these water falls? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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