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At Sierra Trading post we love all types of wild places. When we can't be out hiking, biking, climbing and exploring we like to talk about the places we'd like to visit and that is where the idea for the Mystery Destination was started. Each week we give 5 clues about an outdoor destination and see if you can guess what we are talking about. In recent weeks we've featured national parks, rivers, mountains and outdoor towns. This week the answer is the name of a national monument.

Canyon Photo by PhilsVacationPhotos

Take a look at the photo then read the five clues about this canyon. If you know the name of this national monument enter it in the comments below then forward this on to a friend to see if they know the answer.

  • This canyon is entirely owned by the Navajo Nation. It is the only National Park Service unit that is owned and cooperatively managed in this manner.

  • The park's distinctive geologic feature is a sandstone spire that rises 750 feet from the canyon floor. It has served as the scene of a number of television commercials and leaves many rock climbers salivating over the opportunity to climb it.

  • The name of the canyon comes from the Spanish borrowing of the Navajo word which means "inside the rock".

  • Visitors to this park are allowed to view the canyon from the rim but must be accompanied by a guide to hike to the canyon floor.

  • This canyon offers some of the most amazing climbing in the area but it is currently illegal to rock climb within the canyon.

Do you know the answer? Enter it in the comments below.

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