Rugged Mountains, Glaciers and Small Crowds - Name This Park

When you're headed into the outdoors you probably want beautiful views, plant and animal diversity, and no crowds. You can find all of those things in one national park. Maybe you've been there. Look at the photos, read the clues then see if you know which national park we are talking about in this week's Mystery Destination.

  • This parks changing landscape includes the temperate rainforest of the wet west-side and a dry ponderosa pine ecosystem of the east. With over 9,000 feet of vertical relief there is a high diversity of plants, over 1,600 species identified.

  • With approximately 312 glaciers, this national park has the most glaciers of any U.S. park outside Alaska. Nearly One-third of all the glaciers in the continental United States are located within this park.

  • Located just 3 hours from a major city this national park only recorded 21,000 visitors. A nearby but more accessible National Recreation Area reported over 725,000 visitors.

  • One of the most popular destinations within this park is a mountain pass formerly also known as Skagit Pass. This 5,392-foot pass was an important passage over this mountain range for the Native Americans.

Do you know the name of this National Park? Enter your guess in the comment below. Have you ever visited this park? When was the last time you were there?
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