A Prominent Mountain: Name This Peak

Hikers, backpackers, climbers and mountaineers love climbing this peak. It's an amazing experience and it's viewable from hundreds of thousands of peoples daily commute. I'll give you 5 clues to see if you can name this mystery destination. Read through the 5 clues and look at the photo. Can you name this peak? If you know the name of this mountain, enter it in the comments below.

Name this peak Photo by Andy Hawbaker


  • This prominent peak is one of the 54 mountains with summits over 14,000 feet located within this state but it's the only 14er located within this mountainous national park.

  • Sometimes referred to at the twin peaks because of its proximity to another prominent peak, this mountain was depicted on the states quarter minted in 2006.

  • Thousands of hikers climb this mountain every summer. The least technical route takes you through a boulder field and a keyhole in the rock on a 15 mile round trip hike.

  • The first recorded ascent was in 1868 by the surveying party of John Wesley Powell.

  • From many vantage points, the peak appears to have a pointed summit. In fact, climbers find a football field sized summit at the end of their climb.

Do you know this mystery destination? Enter the name of this mountain in the comments below then forward it to a friend to see if they know the answer.

Have you climbed this peak? When did you do it?
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