Mystery Destination: Name this National Forest

Between national parks, national monuments, state parks and national rivers, we've got a lot of amazing places to visit. For this week's Mystery Destination we are heading east to a national forest know for hiking trails, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and of course sight-seeing. Check out the photos, read the clues then enter your guess in the comments below. The correct answer is the name of the national forest.

National Forest Photo by Daniel Meacham

  • This national forest is a land of mile-high peaks, cascading waterfalls, and heavily forested slopes. Comprised of over 500,000 acres, it is primarily a hardwood forest with whitewater rivers, waterfalls and hundreds of miles of trails.

  • Three major streams travel through this area and provide excellent fishing and white water kayaking. Three long distance hiking trails and tons of short day hiking trails also run through this area.

  • One of the long distance trails in this national forest has the distinction of being the highest elevation, long-distance trail in the eastern United States, reaching an elevation of 6,684 feet.

  • American forestry has roots in this national forest. The site of the first school of forestry in the United States in is this national forest. The school operated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was opened and originally operated under the direction of George Washington Vanderbilt II.

  • Rock climbing is also very popular in this area. One rock in this national forest, known as Table Rock, has been called the best place to climb in the Southeastern U.S.

Do you know which national forest we are talking about? Enter it in the comments below. Bonus points if you can name the hiking trail referred to above.

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