Can You Guess The Name of This Huge National Monument

Utah is a popular place for climbers, rafters, backpackers, mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. With amazing national parks like Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef, it's hard to go wrong in Utah. With all of those national parks, did you know there are also some pretty cool spots that are designated as national monuments? In this Mystery Destination, we'll describe one national monument and see if you can guess it's name. So, read the questions look at the photo and then enter your guess in the comments below.

escalante Photos courtesy of MyPublicLands

  • The Monument is managed by the Bureau of Land Management rather than the National Park Service. This was the first National Monument managed by the BLM.

  • Encompassing 1.9 million acres, the monument is slightly larger in area than the state of Delaware.

  • The site shows the geologic progression of many layers of rock. You'll surely be amazed at the sights.

  • While environmentalists had been pushing for the protection of this land for many years, there has been a lot of controversy of its protection since President Bill Clinton made it official in 1996.

  • Besides breathtaking geologic activity, dinosaur fossils and petroglyphs from early people have also been found within the monument.

Do you know the name of the national monument we are talking about? Enter your guess in the comments below.

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