Canyons, Ridges, Buttes, and Monoliths: A National Park Mystery

It's time for another mystery destination game. In honor of the recent Anniversary of the National Park Service we've chosen a national park mystery destination for this week's game. Simply look at the photo, read the 5 clues below then name the national park we are talking about in the comments below. It's as simple as that. Let's get started.

National Park Mystery Destination

  • This park is home to the largest historic orchards in the National Park System. There are approximately 3,100 fruit and nut trees in the historic orchards. You can pick fruit in quantity in orchards that are officially open for public harvest for a modest charge.

  • Featuring a nearly 100-mile long warp in the Earth's crust, the park is home to North America's largest exposed monocline. This warp in the earth's crust is 65 million years old and offers an amazing view into the layering of rock.

  • After multiple bills being discussed in both the House and Senate, each of which identified different amounts of acreages and had different ideas on how to eliminate the grazing that happens on the land, the park was finally established in 1971 when President Richard Nixon signed in into law in 1971.

  • The park was named for a line of white domes and cliffs of Navajo Sandstone, each of which looks somewhat like the United States Capitol building

  • The park is filled with canyons, cliffs, towers, domes, and arches. A river has cut canyons through parts of the monocline, but most of the park is arid desert country. A scenic drive shows park visitors some of the highlights, but it runs only a few miles from the main highway. Hundreds of miles of trails and unpaved roads lead the more adventurous into the scenic backcountry

Do you know the national park mystery destination we are talking about? Enter the name of this national park in the comments below then forward this to a friend to see if they know the answer.

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