Name This National Park: Mystery Destination

We've had a little fun over that past few moths with out weekly mystery destination series. Last week, we featured an annual cycling ride and in previous week's we've featured all kinds of great outdoor destinations. This week we are featuring a large national park that you've definitely heard of and maybe you've even visited it. Read the 5 clues then tell us what outdoor destination we are describing.

National Park Mystery Destination Photo By Kevin Eldon

  • This park covers nearly 1,200 square miles (roughly the size of Rhode Island). Within the park boundaries, you'll find thousands of lakes and ponds, 1,600 miles of streams and 800 miles of hiking trails.

  • John Muir is credited for playing a major roll in preserving this wilderness area. In addition to years of lobbying to protect this area, Muir camped in the area with President Theodore Roosevelt for 3 days in 1903. In 1906, Roosevelt signed a bill to forever protected this area as federal land.

  • The area is popular with rock climbers who enjoy climbing on the giant granite slabs.

  • Thru-hikers on their way from Mexico to Canada pass right through this park on a popular long distance backpacking trail.

  • One very popular hike/climb inside this park had as many as 1,000 hikers per day. The National Park Service now requires a permit to climb this large granite dome to limit the number of hikers each day.

Do you know what we're talking about? Enter the name of this National park in the comments below. Extra points if you've visited this park and bonus points if you can name the thru-hiking trail and the busy hike mentioned in the clues.

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