National Park Trivia

As huge fans of the outdoors and outdoor recreation, we naturally love the national parks system. Whether you hike, bike, backpack, car camp or enjoy long road trips, the national parks offer the perfect get-away. Have you visited a bunch of national parks? Do you know a lot about these parks? Play our National Park Trivia game and see how much you know about these special places.

National Parks Trivia

National Park Trivia

Read through the following questions and see how many you can get right. There is a link to the answers below.

1. This park has an elevation range from 2,127 to 13,114 feet (648 to 3,997 m) and contains five major vegetation zones. Known for its rock formations, this park is over 3.7 million visitors each year.

2. Prior to the establishment of the National Park Service, the U.S. Army protected this area of geological interest between 1886 and 1918.

3. This national park joined forces with another park to become the first ever International Peace Park in 1932. It has also been named a World Heritage Site.

4. This park is surrounded the Roosevelt National Forest and features many high mountain peaks as well as a section of the continental divide.

5. Author Edward Abbey was a park ranger at this park when he wrote the journals which later became his poplar book Desert Solitaire.

6. This "River of Grass" is the largest wilderness east of the Mississippi and the national 3rd largest national park.

7. This park receives more rainfall than anywhere else in the US outside of the Pacific Northwest or Alaska. It also sees nearly twice as many visitors each year than any other national park.

8. This long-time national monument was officially named a national park in 1994. It is named after a unique plant species that is found within the park.

9. The main attraction and namesake of this park is an active volcano that last erupted approximately 150 years ago. The park also contains many named glaciers, lakes, rivers and streams and over 3,000 acres of other wetland types.

10. Originally created as Lafayette National Park in 1919, the oldest national park east of the Mississippi River, was renamed in 1929. Name that park.

National Park Trivia Game

What do you think? Too easy or were there a few difficult ones? Find out how you did: National Park Quiz Answers. Share this post with your friends to see if they know as much about national parks as you do.

How many of the national parks have you visited?
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