Name This National Seashore: Mystery Destination

Each week we feature a mystery outdoor destination and see if you can guess what we are talking about. In recent weeks, we've featured a mountain range, a national park and a backpacking trail. This week we are thinking about a little time on the beach. Can you name this national seashore from the five clues below?

National Seashore Photos by Laura Elizabeth

  • This national seashore is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The 36,415 acre island is only accessible by boat.

  • A lot of interesting history took place on this island. In fact, this island was controlled by the British during the war of 1812.

  • The national seashore features beaches, dunes, marshes and lakes plus a 9,886 acre wilderness area.

  • The national park service restricts access to less than 300 people on the island at a time but you are allowed to camp in one of two campgrounds open to the public.

  • With no cars allowed on the ferry, you'll have to explore this beautiful island by foot or bicycle.

Do you know what national seashore we are talking about? Enter your guess in the comments below. Have you visited this island? When were you last there?

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