Newest National Park

Saying we are big fans of the national parks is an understatement. Each week we feature one mystery outdoor destination and most of those are national parks. This week we are featuring another national park but this one is our nation's newest national park. Read the five clues below and see if you can guess the name of this mystery destination.

  • This area was set aside as a national monument along with the Grand Canyon in January 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It did not become a national park until it was signed into law by President Barack Obama on January 10, 2013.

  • This park began as a volcanic field that originated about 195 miles south of its present location. It has traveled northward along a fault, and currently moves at a rate of about 3 - 6 centimeters per year.

  • The namesake of this national park is the eroded leftovers of volcanic rock. These rock formations provide for spectacular pinnacles that attract rock climbers and hikers to the area.

  • The park has access from both the east and the west however, there is no road connecting the two sides. Visitors typically visit in the spring and fall due to extreme heat during the summer months.

  • This park is a release point for California Condors who have been hatched in captivity. The giant birds are slowly establishing nests in this area and are growing in numbers. The Prairie Falcon and Peregrine Falcons also call these rock formations home.

New National Park

Do you know the answer? Enter your guess in the comments below.

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