Outdoor Addiction Quiz: Are You Addicted to the Outdoors?

You love the outdoors, you get outside every chance you can but are you becoming addicted to the outdoors. Is it possible that you have a problem? Take this quiz to measure how addicted to the outdoors you are. Answer Yes or No to each of these questions.
  1. You've practiced setting up your tent, tarp or shelter in the backyard and even timed it.
  2. The bike on top the your car is worth more than the car itself.
  3. You have no problem paying an extra $75 to save one ounce on your backpack weight but when your favorite energy bar goes up 10 cents you freak out.
  4. You don't bother drying your clothes because they come out of the washer dry, it's all merino wool or polypropylene.
  5. You've searched for outdoor hacks, backpacking hacks or something similar on YouTube and been underwhelmed by the results.
  6. You believe fleece and a clean pair of hiking pants is appropriate attire for a wedding.
  7. You know 7 ways to make a compass with items in your emergency kit but barely know how to use your T.V. remote.
  8. You've weighed your toothbrush and/or cut off the handle.
  9. You've bought something at the grocery store just because you liked the shape and size of the bottle it comes in.
  10. You measure a successful summer on the quality of your Chaco tan.

Who are we kidding? If you answered yes to more than a couple of these questions, you don't have a problem. We're right there with you.

What did we miss? Tell us in the comment below the other quirky this you do because of your love of the outdoors.

Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains, burning marshmallows or scratching his dog behind the ear, he shares his experiences here on the Sierra Trading Post Blog.
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