Outdoor Survival Quiz. Will You Survive?

Venturing into the outdoors exposes yourself to a lot of risks. Do you know how to survive when things go wrong? Take this outdoor survival quiz to see how well you would do in an emergency.

1. While climbing a mountain, your friend complains of a severe headache and tells you he's going to throw up. What do you do?

A. Take a five minute break, tell them to drink water then keep climbing.
B. Send your friend down to the car and tell them you'll catch up with them after you reach the summit.
C. Turn around. Get your friend to lower elevation quickly.
D. Push them to reach the summit because you're so close.

2. While rappelling, your harness breaks and you fall toward the ground. How should you try to land?

A. Just like a cat. Always land flat on your feet.
B. Face first with your arms and legs out to break your fall.
C. Feet first and quickly roll to your hip and then shoulder.
D. Land on your butt, it provides the most padding.

3. After an accident in the outdoors and two days of waiting for help you finally see a helicopter. What should you do to signal you need help?

A. Quickly move away from the opening to allow room for a landing.
B. Wave your arms furiously to signal you need help.
C. Hold your arms over your head to make a "Y".
D. Wait for someone on foot. A helicopter ride is going to cost you a fortune.

4. Four miles into your hike you slip and break your ankle. What do you do?

A. Sit still and wait for help.
B. Send your partner back to the trailhead to get help.
C. Start moving. It's going to be a long hobble back home.
D. Build a fire to signal for help.

5. A mountain lion or wolf approaches you. What should you do?

A. Immediately fall to the ground and play dead.
B. Turn around and run away.
C. Face the animal, make yourself look bigger and slowly move away.
D. Run towards it while screaming at the top of your lungs.

Hopefully these things would happen to you while in the wilderness but it's best to know what to do. Scroll down to see the correct answers.


Outdoor Survival Quiz Answers

1. C - Always get someone suffering from altitude sickness to lower elevation as soon as possible and go with them, if you split up they may become disoriented and could get lost.
2. C - Just like in the movies you're best off slowing the impact with your feet then trying to roll through it with your hip and shoulder.
3. C - Waving arms is actually a signal for the helicopter NOT to land. Hold your arms over your head to make a "Y" to signal a landing.
4. C - Rescue missions take a really long time. You'll be outside until dark if you wait for help. If you can move, it's best to hobble out of the backcountry. Spending a cold night in the wilderness could cause more trouble than simply hobbling out.
5. C - Playing dead puts you at risk, running set off their predator instincts and running at them will make them defensive. It is best to make yourself look larger. Never take your eye off the animal and slowly remove yourself from the situation.

How did you do?

5 correct = You're an outdoor survival master.
4 correct = Good job. You're an outdoor pro.
3 correct = Not bad. You'll probably survive with some luck.
2 correct = Uh oh. Time to study up before the next outdoor adventure.
1 correct = Yikes. Just stay home.
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