Mystery Destination: Outdoorsy City

Our semi-regular Mystery Destination Game has featured National Parks, State Parks, rivers, mountains, and long-distance trails. This time let's see if you can guess the name of this outdoorsy city. Read the 5 clues below, look at the photo then enter your guess in the comments at the bottom of this post.

  • Hit the trails and run, walk or jog on the city's trail system or paddle on the lake right near downtown. Located right on the banks of the Colorado River this downtown area offers many outdoor recreational opportunities.

  • Water lovers can enjoy the over 270 miles of shoreline on a nearby lake. Recreational opportunities include fishing, boating, swimming, scuba diving, picnicking, camping, and zip lining. Also, if skinny dipping is your thing, check out 'Hippie Hollow Park' where nude swimming is allowed.

  • Bring your bike, with over 80 miles of bike lanes this city is pretty bike-friendly for being one of the country's fasted growing cities.

  • State Parks around the area include opportunities to explore caves, enjoy rivers, see waterfalls, camp, hike and experience historical sites.

  • Or, forget about the outdoors and enjoy the fun music scene in this city. With a large college campus located near downtown and two huge music festivals hosted each year, this town knows how to have a good time. Schedule your trip accordingly.

Do you know which city we're describing in the clues above? Enter your guess in the comments below then forward this to a friend to see if they know the answer.


Top photo courtesy of Katie Haugland.
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