Mystery Destination: A Passage for a Great Climb

We've been featuring a different mystery destination here on Sierra Trading Post's blog each week for over a year. The destinations have included national parks, state parks, mountains, rivers, bike races, hiking trails and more. This week the correct answer is the name of a popular hole in the wall on a very popular hiking route. Look at the photo and read the clues below then enter your guess in the comments below.

  • This hole in the rock is the namesake of the most popular route used for climbing a 14,259 foot high peak.

  • This spot is located within a popular national park known for its many mountains.

  • Just below this spot is a rocky area with multiple backcountry campsites commonly known as the Boulder Field.

  • This route is extremely popular. It's estimated that 9,500 people reached the summit of this peak in 2005 and thousands more turn around at this hole in the rock each year.

  • Located just below this spot is a beehive shaped rock shelter built in 1927 by the National Park Service. The structure was built as an emergency shelter after a number of deaths took place on this climbing route.

Great Climb Photo by Adam LaStrange

Do you know what feature we are talking about? Enter the name in the comments below. Have you been there? Tell us if you've been to this spot and if you've ever reached the summit of this mountain.

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