Have You Ever Been to This Peak? Can You Name It?

Do you like mountains? Whether you prefer climbing mountains or driving to the top of them, it's possible you've been to the top of this week's Mystery Destination. Go ahead, read the clues, look at the photo then see if you can guess the mountain we are talking about.

  • The road to the summit of this mountain is the highest paved road in North America. This road is great for cyclists and runners as well as tourists looking to photograph themselves on top of a 14,000 foot high mountain.

  • Famous painter Albert Bierstadt originally named this mountain Mount Rosa or Mount Rosalie after his wife. The state legislature officially renamed the peak in honor of this state's second Governor in 1895.

  • Hikers often climb this mountain from Summit Lake but those looking for a bigger challenge will climb the 3rd class ridge known as the Sawtooth. The Sawtooth connects this mountain to another 14er.

  • This peak dominates the skyline of a large city. You might even see this peak from our newest retail store.

  • Easy road access has also made this spot a popular place for scientific research including studies of comets and high-altitude physiology. The first accurate measurement of the lifetime of the muon happened here which verified the reality of time dilation, one of the key predictions of Einstein's theory of relativity.

Do you know which mountain we're talking about? Enter your guess in the comments below. Bonus points if you can name the other 14er that can be climbed with this peak via the Sawtooth.

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