Where Do You Prefer to Spend Your #TrailTime?

Sure, we all love the outdoors. We spend all week looking forward to camping trips, hikes, an afternoon on the lake or whatever you're into. We've found that our fans are into a lot of different activities and come from all over the country. With that in mind, it's time to ask you all an important question....

Where is the best place to take an adventure?

Seriously, where to you prefer to go when you have the option:

Mountains, Ocean or Plains?

Mountains Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Andy Hawbaker

Do you head to the mountains to climb some peaks, see the wildflowers and gain some elevation?

Where do you adventure Photo by Trish Hartmann

Do you hit the beach for some sunshine and waves?

Hiking the plains Photo by Simon Sun

Or would you rather hit a long distance cycling route, hiking trail or bird watching adventure on the plains?

Make your opinion count. Tell us in the comments below where you most want to get outside. We'll tally the votes and cover more topics about your favorite adventures here on the Sierra Social Hub.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains, burning marshmallows or scratching his dog behind the ear, he shares his experiences here on the Sierra Trading Post Blog.
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