Santa Uses Google Glass This Christmas

When we heard that Santa was using Google Glass this Christmas, we had to hear about it directly from the source. One very long flight later, we interviewed Santa Claus in a cozy room at his North Pole workshop. Elves served us hot chocolate as Jolly Old St. Nicholas explained his choice to use Google Glass, the most advanced piece of wearable technology yet, for Christmas 2013.

"Just because I'm thousands of years old doesn't mean I'm not interested in the latest innovations," reports the red-clothed Father of Christmas. Santa Claus is using Google Glass to track his list, map his route and guide his worldwide journey this year. "I've been using GPS for years. I would replace Rudolf, but I think the Elves would revolt," he says with a chuckle.

Google Glass Santa

Santa's use of Google Glass started at the beginning of the 2013 holiday season with mall visits and photo ops. He uses it when each child visits him, and Google Glass records their faces and what they want. The video gets uploaded, and Elves connect the children and their Christmas wishes to a database. Google Glass has allowed Santa to go hands-free and devote his full attention to each precious munchkin, while also recording all of the data he normally gathers for his list. "The only bad part is when one of them starts crying or trying to crawl away. They've gotten snot on Google Glass a few times, but I just wipe it off and keep going," says the bearded, bespectacled Christmas legend.

Last year, Santa used an Android phone to document each child's wish, but he found it too distracting. The voice interface is much more freeing, and the HD video is better quality than Kris Kringle expected.

Back at the workshop, Santa uses Glass to Google all of the products and order them online. "We don't make the gifts anymore," reports the jolly old man. "We stopped doing that in 1998 when it got to be too much work. The elves just help me get everything organized and do all of the ordering, usually from online retailers. It's much more efficient this way." Elves create an online list of who's been naughty and who's been nice, so Glass can access it when planning the night-long Christmas Eve trip.

Santa uses google glass

When Santa is finally ready to deliver all the gifts, he will map his route with Google Glass. "It makes that old GPS seem like something from the Stone Age. I can see right where I'm supposed to go, and I just steer the reindeer in that direction. It's easy!" Google Glass has sophisticated technology allowing the wearer to see lines guiding them in real time, and Santa Claus is clearly happy to make use of it. "It makes skipping the naughty houses so much easier! I just fly right by."

"Google Glass doesn't replace all my time-honored Christmas secrets, but it sure does help with the details so I can focus on what's really important â?? eating cookies! Just kidding. The only real problem is going down chimneys. Google Glass sometimes gets stuck on the way down, but it's held up pretty well so far." With that, Santa disappeared in a sparkle, and we heard a faint, echoing "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" as he went.
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