Photo Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the October Share Your Adventure Photo Contest.

First Place: Jason Lewandowski

Share Your Adventure Photo Contest

"It had stormed all day in Beaver Creek, Colo., but finally at 5pm the rain took a break and invited me to get on the MTB trails. I hit this switchback and my eyes couldn't believe this amazing view of a stormy sunset!" says Jason.

2nd Place: Jake Koeppen

backpacking photo

Taking in the view at Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

3rd Place: Megan Peterson

Photo Contest Winners

"I snapped this shot of my sister on our road-trip this summer across the West. We were in a beautiful and remote part of Central Colorado. As were setting up camp, a great gust of wind blew my sister's tent into the water and she had to chase it down and rescue it. Laughing all the while, I grabbed my camera and clicked away. It was one of the great mini-adventures that happened during our amazing time together." says Megan.

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