Sierra Blog Network: #TeamSierra

We're excited to announce a unique opportunity for outdoor bloggers. The Sierra Social Hub, Sierra Trading Post's outdoor blog, is looking for interested bloggers and social media peeps to join our brand new Sierra Blog Network. Members of #TeamSierra will get product for review, access to exclusive giveaways for their readers and ... drum roll please ... get paid.

That's right. Get cash money when your posts are published on the Sierra Social Hub!

Basically, we're looking for a six-month commitment from outdoorsy bloggers to review a product, run a giveaway on your site and write six posts for the Social Hub. In return, you'll get to keep the product you reviewed, gain links from the Hub (and our other social properties) and get paid for each of the six posts you write for us.

Sierra Blog Network

That's right, you'll be seen by more readers, get more social mentions, earn a piece of outdoor gear and make some moo-la, bloggers. All this while working with a leading internet retailer in the outdoor gear industry. It's a win/win deal for any blogger looking to grow an audience and earn a little extra cash.

Interested? We thought so. This is what we need from you next:

  • Email us at (use Sierra Blog Network in the subject line).

  • Include your URL along with links to your social properties.

  • In a few short sentences, tell us why your blog needs to be a part of #TeamSierra and what experience you already have with guest posts, product reviews and giveaways on your blog.

We'll reply with more information. Get your email in soon, because we want to move fast on this new endeavor we're calling #TeamSierra.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains, burning marshmallows or scratching his dog behind the ear, he shares his experiences here on the Sierra Trading Post Blog.
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