Long Season, High Terrain and History: Name this Ski Area

If skiing and snowboarding deep powder or extending your ski season are important to you, you might have visited the ski area we are featuring in the Mystery Destination. We've been targeting national parks and state parks for a while. This week, the answer to the mystery destination is the name of a ski resort. Take a look at the photo, read the 5 clues below then enter your guess in the comments below.

  • This resort opened to the public in 1946 with one, mid-mountain rope tow that skiers reached in an Army weapons carrier pulled by a four-wheel drive vehicle. That season, there were 1,200 skier visits at a mere $1.25 a day to access the mountain.

  • With a base of close to 11,000, and a summit elevation more than 13,000! This ski area has the highest skiable terrain in North America and a vertical drop of 2,270'.

  • This resort opened for the season on October 13th this season, becoming the first resort open in this state. It traditionally stays open through June making it one of the longest ski seasons in North America.

  • The current A-Frame lodge in the base area was once a missile testing facility.

  • In 1945-1946, the Winter Sports Committee from Denver's Chamber of Commerce hired two men to make a statewide survey of potential ski area sites. Their chosen site is now home to this ski area.

Colorado Ski Area Photo by Pravin Premkumar

Do you know the name of this ski area? Enter the full name or the popular abbreviation in the comments below. Then forward this on to a friend to see if they know the answer.

Have you ever skied this resort? When was the last time?

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