A Spectacular Canyon Cut into a High Plateau

We love getting outside and exploring new areas. Unique geologic areas are always a draw for outdoor adventurers. This week's mystery destination is one of those areas. Read the 5 clues below, take a look at the photos then see if you know the area we are talking about. This week's correct answer is the name of a national monument.

The Monument Photo by Mark Byzewski

  • Known locally at The Monument, the main draw is a spectacular canyon cut deep into this high desert plateau.

  • Popular activities within this national monument include hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, road bicycling and scenic drives. Sightseers enjoy rides along the edge of the plateau which is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world.

  • The canyon runs the width of this national monument and includes rock formations such as Independence Monument, the Kissing Couple, and Coke Ovens. The monument includes 20,500 acres, much of which has been recommended to Congress for designation as wilderness.

  • The park gained some notoriety in the 1980s partly due to its inclusion as a stage in a major international bicycle race. The race through the park became known as "The Tour of the Moon", due to the spectacular landscapes the race passed through.

  • This monument has long been discussed as a potential national park. The first effort to gain national park status was in 1907. This year a congressman and senator have drafted legislation to again seek the designation.

Do you know the name of the monument we're describing? Enter your guess in the comments below.

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