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Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (The PCT) requires walking 2,663 miles. The PCT is longer and less traveled than the Appalachian Trail. The journey takes backpackers from Mexico to Canada over 5 months if they average 20 miles per day. I recently met Shaun Carrigan, who produced a movie called Tell it on the Mountain that features a few of the many hikers who attempt to hike this trail. Keep reading as I'll give you some more information on this great film and give you a chance to win a copy of this movie.

Tell it on the Mountain

"Tell it on the Mountain - Tales from the Pacific Crest Trail" is a new documentary film that follows half a dozen of the 300 or so hikers who attempt the Pacific Crest Trail every year. While much of the film was shot by professionals, the producers gave cameras to individual hikers, which help provide an intimate look into their experience.

Tell it on the mountain movie

I got my hands on a copy of this movie. I really enjoyed the story, the scenery and the people featured in this film. I talked to Shaun Carrigan, the producer of this film and here is what he said about the movie.

AH: You've worked in T.V. and sports for a while but what made you want to make a movie about the Pacific Crest Trail?

SC: I hiked 160 miles of the PCT in 2002 with a college roommate and a camcorder. When we got back home we realized that if we were interesting, funny or good looking that the footage would have been awesome. Something happens on the trail. There's an authenticity to your actions and behavior that doesn't seem to happen in normal life.  In 2003 I graduated from college and spent three months hiking 1,000 miles of the PCT. From Bakersfield to the California/Oregon border. It was a life changing journey and I knew it was a story I wanted to tell.

AH: The footage in this film is awesome, How did you get this amazing footage without hiking the entire trail?

SC: I met up with the hikers in different sections. The furthest I carried camera gear was about 80 miles. All the batteries, tripod, etc turned my backpack into a pretty serious beast. A college buddy actually came along to help carry food in the sierra just to make it manageable.

PCT Movie


AH: I found the characters in the film to be very engaging and interesting personalities. How did you chose the thru-hikers you featured in the movie?

SC: Our goal with the characters was to find a diverse group of hikers who would help depict the various experiences and outlooks possible on a thru-hike.

Both Scott and Billygoat were two people we just absolutely had to have. Scott Williamson is truly a living legend on the trail. He is probably the planet's greatest endurance athlete that no one's heard of. Jackalope and EagleEye's story about heading north on the trail to their wedding was just too interesting not to follow. Inaki is an incredibly eloquent speaker and thinker who left his wife and job in Spain to enjoy the wilds of the western US. In many ways, he became the conscious of the film.

AH: What do you hope people get out of this film?

SC: From the first day we talked about making this film, it's always been about inspiring people. While this is a film about thru-hiking and specifically the Pacific Crest Trail, it's really about people going after their dreams. These are ordinary people who have consciously disrupted their normal lives to have an extraordinary adventure. There's something just innately powerful, interesting and inspiring about that. We don't all have five months to take away from a career and family, but we're all deciding to venture out on our dreams everyday. Whether it's applying for a new job, beginning a family or taking an early retirement. As Inaki says in the film "Whatever dream you have, just go for it!"


Tell it on the Mountain Giveaway

Here is your chance to receive a free copy of this film. Simply leave us a comment below answering this question. What is the biggest adventure you've ever undertaken?

We'll randomly select two comments. We will give away one free DVD copy and one free digital download of Tell it on the Mountain. The winners will be announced on this post and will be contacted by email on Friday 6/21. Click here for the full terms and conditions of this giveaway.

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