7 Things You Didn't Know About the North Pole

This time of year Santa and his reindeer are resting from a long night of delivering gifts to children across the globe. Besides being the home of Santa and the elves, the North Pole has many other interesting facts that you may not know. Check out these 7 things you didn't know about the North Pole.

  • The sun only rises and sets one time each year. The sun rises just before the Spring equinox (around March 20th) and gradually rises in the sky until it reaches the highest point of 23.5 degrees at the summer solstice. The sun then sets just after the fall equinox in late September.

  • There is no time. Since the world's time zones are based on longitude making noon the point where the sun is at the highest point in the sky, there is no set time at the North Pole. Most polar explorations use the Greenwich Mean Time or the time from the country they are from.

  • It's deep. The true North Pole is over the Arctic Ocean on a constantly shifting ice sea. The sea depth at the North Pole has been measured at nearly 14,000 feet deep.

  • The North Pole is quite a bit warmer than the South Pole. The North Pole is at sea level while the South Pole is located on a land mass. Therefore, the record high temperature at the North Pole is 17.3 degrees warmer than the South Pole's record high.

  • It's nobody's business. Under current international law, no country owns the North Pole or the water surrounding it.

  • They may not believe you. Many of the claims from early explorers who said they reached the North Pole in the 1800s and early 1900s were rejected or not widely accepted. The first scientifically verified claim of reaching the North Pole was in 1926.

  • A place for the greatest explorers. In 1985, Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to summit Mount Everest) and Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon) flew on a twin engine plane to reach the North Pole together.

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