Dramatic Canyons, Whitewater Rapids and More: Name This Mystery Destination

With summer on its way, we're thinking about spending some time on the river. Whether you kayak, canoe, fly fish, swim or just dip your toes in the water, you've got to agree that rivers can be pretty amazing. With that in mind, we're featuring a well-known river in this week's Mystery Destination. Look at the photos, read the 5 clues then see if you can guess the river we are talking about.

Mystery Whitewater River Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

  • The headwaters for this river is at an elevation of over 2 miles above sea level. The river travels 1,450 miles through 7 states before emptying into the sea.

  • Known for its dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids, this river is a vital source of water for agricultural and urban areas. The river and its over 25 tributaries are controlled by an extensive system of dams, reservoirs and aqueducts, which furnish irrigation and municipal water supply for almost 40 million people.

  • Eleven U.S. national parks are in the watershed, in addition to many national forests, state parks and recreation areas. Rafting, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, hiking and camping are all popular recreational activities to enjoy on or around the river or the created reservoirs.

  • This river passes through many of the largest features, both natural and man-made. From giant canyons to enormous reservoirs and through huge dams, the river sees it all.

  • Despite many dams blocking the natural flow, the river is famed for its dramatic rapids and canyons. It's one of the most desirable whitewater rivers in the United States.

Do you know which river we're talking about? Name this Mystery Destination in the comments below? Have you been on this river? Where were you?

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