10 Camping Essentials Under $10 Each

Camping is a fun pastime for the entire family and a great way to spend time outside. Of course, buying gear can quickly get expensive. To help you prepare for camping season and save money, we've put together 10 essentials every camper can use, all under 10 bucks each.

Top 10 Camping Essentials

1) Biodegradable Camp Soap: Unlike that almond and rose hip scented body wash, this fragrance-free, biodegradable camp soap will help keep you and your cookware clean without attracting bears from 10 miles away.

2) Duct Tape: From a tear in the side of your sleeping bag to a split tent pole, there are few things duct tape can't fix, or at least remedy until you're able to get back home for a more permanent repair. Unlike that huge roll they sell at the hardware store, this one is designed to fit easily in your pack.

3) Ultimate Camp Spork: This spoon and fork combo weighs less than half an ounce and even has a small serrated edge on one side for cutting foods. It's basically three utensils in one. So it could probably be called a ksporf.

4) Waterproof Fire Steel: Unlike matches and most lighters, this fire steel will always create a spark, even in strong winds and rain. Use with some thin wood shavings or a few cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, and you've got a surefire way to create fire. It's also much more affordable than a windproof lighter.

5) Paracord Survival Bracelet: In a pinch, this handy bracelet can be unwoven to create a long piece of high-strength paracord, which can come in handy for multiple camping and survival applications. These also make great gifts for outdoorsy folks.

6) Tent Stakes (8-Pack): When you need to keep your tent from blowing away in a strong wind, a set of good-quality stakes is a must. Plus, tent stakes are necessary to secure guy lines and vestibules.

7) Lightweight Dry Sack: In order to keep clothing, food, trail maps and other items protected in rainy conditions, a dry sack can be an invaluable accessory. This one weighs less than two ounces.

8) Water Bottle: Stay hydrated in the great outdoors with this rugged, BPA-free, American-made water bottle from Liberty Bottle Works. It even has a food-grade coating to prevent funky flavors and odors from lingering.

9) All-Around Hiking Socks: With 25 five-star reviews and counting, these versatile, affordable socks are a popular choice for hiking, backpacking, camping and just about any outdoor activity.

10) Ultralight Pocket Stove: Although it won't cook as fast or efficiently as a gas stove, this lightweight, compact solid fuel stove is the ultimate minimalist option and also makes a great backup. If your regular camp stove break or runs out of fuel, you'll still have something to heat up water for hot beverages and rehydrating food.

Any affordable camping items we missed? Leave a comment and let us know. Also, be sure to check out our Family Camping Guide for a ton of great information on outdoor safety, gear and a full list of camping essentials. You may also want to check out our Backpacking Guide.
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