10 S'mores Recipes That Make Sticky Fingers Totally Worth It

What is the point of camping without s'mores? This quintessential camp comfort food makes crafting a delicious dessert so easy that you can set the main ingredient on fire and still call it a success.

We love s'mores, and to share our love of this camp classic with you, we decided to come up with s'more recipes (because one just isn't enough). Take a look at these 10 s'more recipes that will leave you and your 'mallow covered fingers completely content.

1. That's My Jam S'more

Jam S'more Recipes

This recipe adds a fruity kick to the classic s'more. Simply spread a bit of jam on your graham cracker before continuing to assemble with the marshmallow, chocolate and top graham cracker.

2. S'moreo

Mix things up by replacing graham crackers with Oreo cookies. Add peanut butter or Nutella in place of a chocolate bar. Now you have a delicious s'moreo.

3. Apple Cinnamon S'more

apple cinnamon s'more recipes

Perfect for fall camping (or any camping), this s'more recipe adds a hint of autumn to an already tasty treat. Use cinnamon graham crackers and dark chocolate along with your marshmallow. Then add an apple slice. Any apple will do, but a tart apple adds some zing to this sweet snack.

4. Campfire Cone

Campfire Cone s'more recipes

Ice cream's got nothing on this chocolate-marshmallow combo. For this s'more recipe, spread the inside of a waffle cone with peanut butter and then fill it with chocolate and a marshmallow. Wrap this cone in tin foil and place it on hot coals for a few minutes, rotating often. Remove from the from the fire, let cool and enjoy! See this video for a similar recipe.

5. Reese's S'more

Reeses s'more recipes

This recipe requires all the usual suspects, except instead of a classic Hershey's candy bar, sub in a Reese's peanut butter cup. The result of this simple switch is mind-blowingly good.

6. Banana Boat

A unique take on s'mores, this recipe tosses chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows into a banana. Cook on the fire and then enjoy this melty treat.

7. Minimalist S'more

minimalist s'more recipes

What if you could simplify a s'more by combining the graham crackers and chocolate into one? The fudge striped cookie found its calling in this minimalist s'more. Marshmallow. Cookies. Done.

8. Marsh-Rolo

To make this sweet treat, roast a marshmallow and a Rolo candy together. Smash it between two graham crackers or sprinkle graham crackers on top for a finishing s'more touch.

9. Cookies & Cream S'more

Cookies and Cream s'more recipes

Chocolate graham crackers, a cookies and cream candy bar, your roasted marshmallow and a dab of peanut butter make up this s'more recipe. Combine all the things. Eat and enjoy.

10. S'more Dip

What's that? You're craving a s'more but don't have the means to roast your 'mallows? S'mores dip is the perfect alternative, and it's a great way to share the s'more love with your friends.

How do you make your s'mores? Share your favorite recipe in the comments!
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