Go Big With These Camping Hacks

Camping is a ton of fun, but it also takes a fair amount of work and preparation. We've put together these 5 camping hacks to help you take camping to the next level. You'll surely save yourself some hassle and have more fun if you use these tips.

5 Camping Hacks

1. Use Tic Tac containers to carry your spices. These great containers are resealable and are much easier to use than bringing larger spice bottles.


camping spice container


2. Use a belt and hooks to keep your stuff organized. Simply wrap a belt around the tree and place hooks on it. This will make it easy to find those important items and will keep critters away from your food.


camping hack


3. Place a headlamp on a bottle of water.  There's no reason to bring a lantern on your next camping trip. Simply slide your headlamp onto a bottle of water. The water will help magnify the light to give you a light source as good as any lantern.


outdoor hacks


4. Crack Your Eggs at Home and Transport Them in a Plastic Bottle. Avoid breaking eggs while traveling and leave the mess of egg shells at home with this easy camping hack. It's much easier to crack the eggs as home then simply place the bottle inside your cool. This can save you a big mess and make transporting eggs much easier.


Egg hack


5. Freeze a Sponge Inside of a Plastic Bag Instead of Using Bags of Ice. A cooler full of melted ice can be a mess. Avoid this mess with this easy campsite hack. Placing frozen sponges in your cooler will act like ice but the sponge will hold all of the water as they melt. Additionally, all of the moisture stays inside the plastic bag making cleanup very easy.


camping tricks

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