5 Great Tips for Winter Camping

Winter Camping can be an intimidating thing to try. Even those who've been camping or backpacking in the winter are always looking for unique tips to stay warm, comfortable and to improve their winter camping experience. With that in mind, we present these 5 great tips for winter camping.

1. Place a Heated Water Bottle at the Bottom of Your Sleeping Bag

In an effort to keep yourself warm and comfortable all night long, try boiling water right before you go to bed. You can fill your water bottle with hot water then place that bottle at the bottom of your sleeping bag. The heated water will add warmth to your feet and the entire inside of the sleeping bag.

This is ideal as the sleeping bag will likely feel cold when you first climb into it. Over the course of the night, the water will cool down but by then your body heat should be enough to keep you warm inside the sleeping bag until morning.

Bonus, the water won't freeze and you'll have drinking water ready for brewing your morning coffee.

2. Avoid Frozen Water with a Homemade Water Bottle Coozy

Melting snow for drinking water takes time so it's important that you don't let your water bottles freeze. Wrapping water bottles in extra clothing layers inside your backpack or keeping water bottles inside your sleeping bag might do the trick but have you thought about making a homemade coozy to keep your water bottle insulated?

Tips for Winter Cmaping -Coozy

Simply take an old foam sleeping pad and cut a piece to fit your bottle then wrap the foam with duct tape. Choose a stylish pattern of duct tape to show some personality.

3. Track Out the Snow Around Camp

Once you've chosen your campsite, track out the entire area with snowshoes. Pick a spot for your tent, an area where you'll hang out or eat, trails to other tents (if camping with friends) and trails to the restroom. If you track it all out ahead of time, you will be better able to move around without snowshoes later.

4. The Dead Man Anchor

Standard tent stakes aren't a great idea in the snow. They likely aren't long enough and will get lost in deep snow. Instead of tent stakes, find a longer stick or short tree branch. Place the stick in the snow then bury it under the snow. This is actually a really strong way to stake out the tent and guy points.

5. Dig Out Your Vestibule

Winter Camping tips

This is a cool trick. Once you've set up your tent on two or more feet of snow, take a shovel and dig out the vestibule area. once it is dug out you can easily take your boots off and put them on while sitting in the doorway of your tent. This is more comfortable and it helps keep snow out of your tent.

There's our list of great tips for winter camping. What other tips do you have?

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