Camping Gear: 5 Items to Take Your Campsite to the Next Level

Camping can be a lot of fun if you know how to do it right. Tent Camping with your family or friends doesn't require roughing it. Make it fun and easy with a few luxury camping gear items.

1. A Hammock

Whether you're just in need of an afternoon nap or are looking for a light weight option over cots and mattresses, a hammock is the perfect way to relax in the outdoors. Simply find two trees, string it up and you've got a perfect spot to chill. Read a book, enjoy a beverage or sleep away an afternoon. Whatever you choose, you'll feel relaxed in an hammock.

how to choose a hammock

2. Yard Games

A little campsite entertainment can go a long way, especially when kids are in the mix. Bag toss and boccie ball are two classic yard games that are fun to play at camp. A slackline can also provide extra fun, or even spreading out a picnic blanket for a quick hand of cards can up the entertainment factor.

Yard Games

3. A Dutch Oven

Too heavy for backpacking but so fun for car camping, you can cook almost anything you can make in your home oven, only you'll do it on the campfire with a dutch oven. Seriously, I've made pizza, casseroles, nachos, cinnamon rolls, cakes and apple cobbler right on the camp fire. It opens up a whole new set of camp food possibilities plus it's a lot of fun.

Fall Camping Dutch Oven

4. A Folding Camp Table

Believe me, I've camped plenty of spots that were just perfect except there was nowhere to cook my food. Balancing a camp stove on a rock isn't too much fun. Come prepared. Folding camp tables and camp kitchens are relatively lightweight and don't take up too much space for car campers. You'll be thankful you brought this useful item.

camping gear

5. A Camp Shower

A sun shower (or camp shower) is basically a plastic bag that you can set out in the sun. The water turns warm and sometimes even hot after a couple hours in the sun. Even if you don't want to take an actual shower, these are super handy for washing hands kids faces after an afternoon of playing outside.


Remember, car camping can be full of luxuries. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable and have fun!

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What extra camping gear would you add to the list?
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