Backpacking Gear List: What I Took on a 2-Week Backpacking Trip

Here is all of the gear I used on a two week backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail. This is a full backpacking gear list for a multi-day thu-hike. I've outlined all of the essential backpacking gear below. With water and 6 days worth of food my total pack weight was 44 pounds. While there may be some room for improvement as far as weight goes, I found that I had all of the items I needed for this trip, I was comfortable in a variety of situations and I was equipped for all of the conditions we encountered.

Backpacking Gear List

Backpacking Gear List

1. A 70 liter backpack

2. A Water Bladder

3. 2 small water bottles

4. Trekking Poles

5. Sleeping Pad

6. Head lamp

7. Camping Cookware, including a pot, pot handle and a spork

8. Backpacking Stove and fuel

9. A small cup

10. A watch equiped with an altimeter and compass

11. A trowel

12. An Emergency Kit

13. A waterproof backpack cover

14. Waterproof Jacket

15. Waterproof pants

16. Down Jacket

17. 20 degree sleeping bag

18. Trail Running Shoes

19. Wool Baselayer T-shirt

20. Wool Baselayer Pants

21. Merino Wool Socks

22. 1-man tent

Not Pictured= A bear canister, a pair of convertible pants, one quick drying long sleeve shirt, merino wool underwear, a quick drying hat and Steri-Pen Water Purifier.

JMT Backpacking Gear list

The above gear list is intended to help you plan your own backpacking or thru-hiking adventure. I hiked over 200 miles on the John Muir Trail in central California in July with only this gear. You'll want to consider the weather conditions of the area you backpack in and the time of year of your trip.

I suggest you buy the lightest weight gear that still provides the comfort level you desire. Don't put yourself at risk or give up comfort to save a few ounces of weight. For a more complete explanation on my gear choices click here: JMT Gear List. Or click here to follow along on our John Muir Trail Thru-hike: JMT Backpacking Trip.
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