Best Campsite Dessert Ever

Last weekend I went camping with my family. We usually go with other families so the kids have friends to keep them busy. This time it was just us. I decided I'd better take the campsite dessert up one notch to ensure the kids had something to look forward to (or was it just because I have a sweet tooth?).

We recently took our s'mores to a new level (as described here: Take Your S'mores Recipe to a New Level) and I've been known to cook a mean peach cobbler in the dutch oven. Each time we eat the cast iron cooked peach cobbler we say 'man, this would be great with ice cream'. I thought ice cream at the campsite was impossible... until now.

Looking through the Sierra Trading Post website I noticed the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Ball. Is it possible to make homemade ice cream at a campsite and have fun doing it? Yes! And after a couple test runs in the backyard we knew exactly how to make delicious ice cream... and it was always full of laughs.

So here is how we made the best campsite dessert ever.

Easy Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler Recipe

dutch oven recipe

1. Dump 4 regular cans of peaches (or two large cans) directly into a greased dutch oven. Pour all of the juice in too.

dutch oven peach cobbler

2. Dump a box of dry cake mix evenly over the peaches. Cut slices of half a stick of butter and spread evenly over the cake mix. Add a little cinnamon on top.

best campsite dessert recipe

3. Cook with hot coals under and on the lid of the dutch oven for about 25 minutes.

Dutch oven cobbler

Note: Usually I let it brown a little more on top. This time I think the coals under it were hotter than the top and I was worried I was going to burn the bottom... so I called this good. Also, I forgot to bring cinnamon.

Campsite Ice Cream

Campsite ice cream

Ok, the fun part... Making ice cream at the campsite.

1. Pour one pint of Cream (can substitute Half and Half) into the ice cream ball.

2. Add one Cup of Sugar.

3. Add a Table Spoon of Vanilla.


play and freeze ice cream ball

4. Fill the other end with ice (I brought an extra bag of ice in the cooler. You might need to do this on the first night of a multi-day camping trip.)

5. Add 1/4 Cup of Rock Salt to the ice.

Seal up the ball and hand it to the kids. Seriously. I handed the ice cream ball to the kids and told them to keep it moving like a hot potato game. They shook it, threw it in the air, rolled it on the ground and played catch with it.

making ice cream They played catch over the slackline.

After 15 minutes of shaking the ice cream ball you've got delicious homemade ice cream. Pour the ice cream over some hot peach cobbler and you've successfully made the most delicious campsite dessert ever.

eating ice cream YUM!
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