Camp Chairs Quiz: What Style is Best for You?

Some consider camp chairs a necessity, while others feel they are more of a luxury item. Where you fall on this spectrum really depends on what type of camping you do most often.

Backpackers prefer to spare the weight and use more natural seating, such as logs or that perfectly shaped rock. Car campers, on the other hand, don't need to worry about weight and might spring for the comfiest camp chairs they can find.

So what type of chair will work best for you? Take this short quiz to find out. Keep track of which number you choose for each answer to find the camp chairs that match your style.

Camp Chairs

How much packing space are you usually working with?

  1. Quite a bit, but I prefer to stick with packing the basics.
  2. If I have it, I can pack it.
  3. Just the pack on my back, but I'm not going far.
  4. Just the pack on my back, and I'm looking to cover major miles.

What type of campsite entertainment are you most likely to take along?

  1. A slackline.
  2. A tablet loaded with a good movie or two.
  3. A good book.
  4. My story telling skills.

Camp is set up. How far are you from your car?

  1. Less than two miles.
  2. Less than 200 feet.
  3. Over five miles.
  4. Over 10 miles.

Of these camping foods, which will you eat most often on your trip?

  1. S'mores!
  2. Anything made from scratch over the fire.
  3. Any type of prepackaged meal like those from Backpacker's Pantry.
  4. GU Energy Chews, Honey Stingers, Cliff Bars... anything sustaining I can eat on the move.

What is your drink of choice while camping?

  1. Beer me.
  2. A nice campsite cocktail.
  3. A flask of whiskey.
  4. Water, please.

What kind of fireside sitter are you?

  1. Give me a chair and a cool beverage and I'm good to go.
  2. I want to be as comfortable as possible.
  3. I require light-weight comfort.
  4. I will sit anywhere. I just need to get off my feet.

What are you sleeping in?

  1. A tent. Weight isn't an issue.
  2. A camper or RV of some sort. Sometimes a tent will do.
  3. A light-weight tent, either free-standing or non free-standing is fine by me.
  4. A light-weight tent, preferably non free-standing to save weight.

You wake up after a night of camping. What's next?

  1. A nearby hike, mountain biking, rock climbing... some sort of action-packed day.
  2. A nice hike followed by finding the perfect reading spot.
  3. Hiking to the next campsite! Less than 10 miles.
  4. Hiking to the next campsite! More than 10 miles.

Mostly 1s: The Classic Car Camper - You tend to car camp for convenience but like to keep things simple. Your idea of campsite relaxing is a good beer and even better friends. A classic camp chair will work for you. Look for one with a cup holder for ultimate convenience.

Mostly 2s: The Glamper - Who says camping can't be comfortable and luxurious? Certainly not you. Keep the dream alive with a lounger or rocking camp chair. Just be sure to tell your camping companions that the "move your feet, lose your seat" rule doesn't apply.

Mostly 3s: The Casual Backpacker - You like the challenge of backpacking if it means secluded camping and beautiful views, but you're satisfied with a short weekend jaunt. While it's important for you to keep things light, a small chair won't weigh you down too much. Small, packable chairs suit you well.

Mostly 4s: The Backpacker - You aren't satisfied unless you are traveling deep into nature's gut. The more days and miles, the better. A campsite rock that molds perfectly to your bottom is an ideal seating choice for you. If you want a little more  comfort, consider adding minimal weight with something like a stadium seat chair.

So what type of camper are you? Share your ideal chair in the comments!

For more information on choosing camp chairs that work with your style of camping, take a look at this video featuring Justin Fricke of The Bro'd Trip.

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