TrailTime Tips: Easy Camping Hack For A Hassle-Free Meal

Nothing beats a delicious breakfast after a night of camping. Eggs are a great option for breakfast except they can be difficult to transport without breaking, cracking eggs makes a mess at the campsite and leaves food waste plus egg cartons take up a lot of space in the cooler. That's what makes this camping hack so eggcellent.


Camping Breakfast Hack

This is so easy and convenient that you'll wish you'd thought of this years ago.

1. Crack your eggs in the comfort of your own home and dispose of the shells.

Camping Hacks

2. Place the eggs into a reusable plastic water. I recommend cracking the eggs into a glass or measuring cup then pouring them into the bottle. Cracking eggs directly into a water bottle can be a challenge.

3. Conveniently place the bottle into your cooler along with your other food and drinks. You'll find this so much easier than leaving room for an egg carton at the top of your cooler.

Egg in a bottle trick

4. At the campsite pour the eggs from the bottle directly to the pan. They should already be scrambled and ready to go.

scrambled eggs

That's our #TrailTime Tip for this week. What do you think? Does this sound useful for your next camping trip? Tell us what other food related hacks you do for camping in the comments below.

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