15 Gifts Under $20 for the Wilderness Explorer

What do you give the person who is content with nothing but the sun on their face and dirt under their feet? Hikers, campers, backpackers, and lovers of all things outdoors are perfectly happy getting lost in the woods or exploring a mountain, but that doesn't mean they don't need anything tangible. We've got the perfect gifts for the wilderness explorer in your life that will help them discover more without breaking your bank. Take a look at these 15 outdoorsy gifts under $20:

Sierra Trading Post Holiday1. Buff UV Buff CoolMax Headwear: Buffs are the ultimate accessory for campers and hikers. This handy piece of headwear can be worn as a headband, a hat, a neck gaitor and almost anything you can imagine. Whoever receives this gift can be sure that their head will be protected from sweat, the sun and chilly temps. (Shop all hats and Buffs.)

2. Seattle Sports Waterproof Dry Bag: Dry bags can be used to keep important gear from getting wet while rafting, kayaking or adventuring in the rain or snow. This gift will help outdoor enthusiasts be prepared in any type of weather. (Shop all dry bags.)

3. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Waffle: Outdoor explorers need bursts of energy in tasty, packable forms. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Waffles are great snacks to keep your explorer moving on the trail. (Shop all outdoor food.)

4. Boker Magnum Folding Pocket Knife: Knives are great tools for wilderness explorers to have. They can be used to cut tinder for fires, make repairs in a pinch, cut food (or open the bags camp meals come in) and more. (Shop all pocket knives.)

5. UST EQ3 Headlamp: Hands-free lighting is a must-have for navigating, setting up tents and cooking in the dark. The UST EQ3 Headlamp is lightweight, water-resistant and even has a flashlight mode for lighting that conserves battery life. (Shop all headlamps.)

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6. Goodhew 1/4 Crew Hiking Socks: Socks may sound like a boring gift, but to hikers, they are gold. A good pair of socks is necessary to keep feet dry, warm and blister-free. And dry, warm, blister-free feet are necessary to tackle miles of trail. (Shop all hiking socks.)

7. Kovea Power Nano Gas Stove: Small gas stoves are needed to cook meals while camping, especially when fires aren't an option. Keep in mind that these stoves don't always come with fuel canisters, but this is another inexpensive gift you can get for your wilderness explorer. (Shop all camping stoves.)

8. Texsport Kangaroo Nonstick-Coated Mess Kit: Camping pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils are all small gifts that can make a big difference at camp. These items are designed to be lightweight and easily packed, which makes them perfect for camping and backpacking adventures. (Shop all camping cookware.)

9. Omega Pacific Jake Quick-Lok Carabiner: A carabiner with a locking mechanism is a good gift for rock climbers, but hikers and backpackers can also use this small, durable gift. It works well for hooking water bottles and other essential gear to backpacks for easy carrying. (Shop all carabiners.)

10. Liquid Hardware Outrigger Water Bottle: Help your hiking loved ones stay hydrated with a nice water bottle or hydration bladder. This is a simple gift idea but something that's crucial for the trail. (Shop all water bottles.)

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11. ALPS Mountaineering Folding Chip Table: Tables, chairs and other packable outdoor furniture can be low-cost ways to make camping more comfortable. Ultra lightweight gear for long backpacking trips can be a little more costly, but for car camping it's easy to find furniture at low prices. (Shop all camp furniture.)

12. ALPS Mountaineering Compression Stuff Sack: When it comes to backpacking, space is a major concern. The goal is to fit enough clothes and gear to last for a number of days into a pack that can comfortably fit on your back. Compression or stuff sacks can help your wilderness explorer free up more space in their backpack. (Shop all compression sacks.)

13. Light My Fire Army Firesteel Fire Starter: It's nice to have a way to start a fire if matches get wet or left behind. Fire starters can work well to light tinder, stoves and anything that requires a spark. (Shop all hiking & camping accessories.)

14. MSR Personal Hand Towel: A hand towel is a small way to add more comfort to a camping or hiking trip. It can be used to wipe down wet gear, dirty dishes and of course, wet hands. (Shop all hiking & camping gifts.)

15. Coleman Mini Packaway LED Lantern: Electricity isn't always an option outside. Lanterns are the perfect way to light up a tent when campers want to read, look over trail maps or play games in the dark. (Shop all lanterns.)

Bonus Gift: What better way to relax outside than by reading a good adventure book? Take a look at this list of outdoor adventure books. One of them could be the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite wilderness explorer.

For even more gift ideas, take a look at Sierra Trading Post's gift guides. If you're planning on ordering gifts from Sierra Trading Post, be sure to order by noon MST on December 22 for guaranteed shipping by December 25.
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