How to Start a Fire with a Water Bottle

*Guest Post from Paul Osborn from The Outdoor Adventure*

Who doesn't like a hot fire after a long day's hike? There are many ways to start a fire, but today I want to share how to do that with a water bottle. Why a water bottle? If you don't have matches with you, I can almost guarantee you're carrying a water bottle. That's all you need.

I confess, I'm a survival geek by nature, and now that I have 4 kids that want to join me on my adventures, I feel it's more important than ever to make sure I am prepared for an emergency. Plus, the kids have a blast trying out survival methods with me!

My dad always instilled in me the "last match" mentality. Treat every match as your last. That's great, but what if that match is wet? Or, what if that match is used up or you didn't pack any? It's time to shake out your pack.

While it is unlikely that I'll ever be in a situation where I'll need to use my survival skills, I've made it a hobby to learn as many ways to start a fire as possible with things one brings a long on every-day trips. I've tried everything from steel wool and a battery, to a ferrocerium rod or an empty lighter. Most recently I've been experimenting with water.

A few months ago, a survival school put out an open challenge that it was not possible to start a fire with water... in any form. As a challenge to myself, I went out and tried it. First with plastic wrap and water, and secondly with a water bottle. Both are items that one is likely to bring along on a day or overnight hike. It works... and it's fun!

If you're looking for a neat-o, fun project to show your kids, try this at home. One day you might need it. More likely though, you'll just want to show off to your friends this new party trick.

Check out this video on how to start a fire with a water bottle:

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