Jetboil Helios Review

Are you looking for new outdoor gear but want to see some reviews of the products first? Our friend Paul, of The Outdoor Adventure recently reviewed a couple of products he received from Sierra Trading Post. He offered his feedback on the cooking system in this video Jetboil Helios Review.

The Jetboil Helios is a group cooking system that works well for cooking food for groups of people in all weather conditions. At 1 lb. 12 oz. including the 2.1-liter pot, the Helios is a nice cooking system for feeding a small family at the campsite.

Check out Paul's in depth video to see all of the details of how to use the Jetboil Helios Stove. Paul has obviously used this cook stove many times as he offers some very helpful tips on how to use it efficiently. He's used the stove to make pizza, pasta and even bangers and mash.

"I like how everything works together and I will be taking it all over this summer as my primary backpacking cook set-up." says Paul.

I hope you've enjoyed this Jetboil Helios review. You can check out other gear reviews on the BCoutdoorsurvival YouTube Channel. If you are looking for new backpacking meal recipes to cook while on the trail be sure to watch our Campsite Cooking meal series.
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Andy Hawbaker
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