Gear Testing: How Kelty Test and Designs Backpacks

We love outdoor gear and are always looking for the best products. Have you ever thought about how outdoor gear is designed and tested? We called our friends at Kelty to see how they test their new backpack designs. They invited us to the Kelty backpack testing facility to see first hand how it's done. Watch this video to see the tests Kelty uses to measure how comfortable their designs will be on the trail.

Kelty has developed a way to simulate the distribution of force on the body when it's carrying a fully loaded pack. This test helps them identify how much weight their packs effectively transfer to the hips. It's not only important how the pack feels right after it's been put on. It matters how comfortable it is after a full day or multiple days when out on the trail.

Backpack testing Photo by Leigh Swansborough

The information from these tests ultimately guide the development of their backpacks. Kelty's focus on testing allows them to visualize how their products are performing so that they can optimize the variables that lead to a great experience in the backcountry.

What do you think of this gear testing process? What else would you like to know about how brands test their gear?
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