Liquid Fuel vs. Canister Stoves

What type of camp stove is best for backpacking or camping? Well, liquid fuel stoves and canister stoves both have their advantages. It depends how you plan to use your camps stove, the temperature you'll be cooking in and other factors. Keep reading to see the advantages and disadvantages of each as we compare liquid fuel vs. canister stoves.

Liquid Fuel Stoves

  • Have better temperature control.

  • Work better at higher altitudes.

  • Features a reusable fuel bottle. Simply add more fuel when you need it.

  • Works more efficiently at colder temperatures then compared to a canister stove.

  • Great from group cooking or for longer trips.

Canister Stoves

  • Take up less space in your backpack.

  • Are lighter weight that liquid fuel stoves

  • No learning curve. Simply light the stove and go.

  • The canisters are not reusable but you can recycle used canisters.

As you can see, when you compare liquid fuel vs. canister stoves, each stype of camp stoves has their advantages. If you plan to cook in cold temperatures, at high elevation and need better temperature control, you'll want to go with a liquid fuel stoves. If you'd prefer an easy to use, light weight and easy to pack option, go with a canister stove.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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