How to Maximize Camp Stove Efficiency

There's nothing like a hot meal after a full day of hiking. Cooking on a lightweight backpacking stove is the perfect way to refuel your body on a camping or backpacking trip. Follow these tips to maximize the fuel efficiency of your camp stove.

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Tips for Best Camp Stove Performance

  • Cook Site Selection - Increase your stove's performance by selecting a cook site that is completely level and one that provides some protection from the wind.

  • Keep Your Fuel Canisters Warm - A warm fuel canister burns more efficiently. In cool weather place the canister under your jacket to warm it up for a few minutes before using it.

  • Insulate Your Stove From the Cold Ground - Use a small piece of cardboard or a bandana to separate your fuel canister from the ground. This will significantly increase the performance.

  • Turn the Fuel Down - There's no need to crank the gas all the way up, turn it down slightly below max output. This won't effect your cooking time but it will save fuel.

  • Always Cook With a Lid - Cooking with the lid on will help the water boil faster and will save you fuel.

  • Use a Coozie to Shorten the Fuel Time - For meals with a longer cook time, you can remove the pot from the stove and place it in a coozie (as seen in the video). This will shorten your need for fuel but allow the food to hydrate sufficiently.


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