Mesh, Fly... Do You Know This Outdoor Lingo?

Do you consider yourself well-educated in the realm of outdoor gear? Show us what you got. We've come up with a trivia game as a fun way to test how well you know the terminology associated with your favorite gear and activities.

Here's how the game works. Every other Saturday we list a number of words associated with one sport, activity or piece of gear, and you tell us what sport, activity or gear these words are associated with. What do you say? Want to give it a go?

These words are all associated with one specific piece of gear. Tell us that piece of gear in the comments. For extra credit, define the terms.

Mesh — This probably isn't a helpful clue. Mesh is all around us. It could still be anything.

Fly — This fly actually helps keep insects and weather from bugging you.

Footprint — Ironically, when you step on this it prevents you from leaving a footprint.

Seam-Sealed — Rain, rain, get outta here!

Bathtub Floor — This bathtub floor keeps water out, not in.

Know the answer? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to check in every other Saturday for outdoor lingo trivia.

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