Outdoor Hacks - One Lightweight Household Item With Many Uses

Heading into the outdoors can put you in many different scenarios. The key to a successful backpacking trip is having the right gear for the right situation. Balancing a desire for a lightweight pack with the need to bring everything you may need, leads many outdoors people to get creative. That's where genious outdoor hacks come in. Below we've got 10 uses for a simple trash bag that can be extremely helpful in the outdoors.

If there's one simple household item that is lightweight, easy to pack and full of many uses, it's a trash bag. Beyond the obvious use of packing out trash, you may want to pack a couple trash bags to help wash your clothes, take a shower, find your way back to the trailhead, make a ponch and more. Watch this video for 10 helpful uses for a trash bag in the outdoors.

10 Awesome Uses For a Trash Bag in the Outdoors

There are ten great uses for a trash bag. There are many more. What other items do you take backpacking that has many uses. Tell us in the comments below, we love outdoor hacks.

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