Dish Duty Hack: Removing Soot from Pans

Meals cooked over an open fire seem to include a special seasoning -- aside from those pieces of ash that love to insert themselves into a good camp meal. While food cooked on a fire gets a flavor upgrade, one thing that is certainly not improved with fire is dish duty.

Cleaning burnt pans covered in soot can require a lot of elbow grease. But we love to live by the saying, "Work smarter, not harder," so today we're offering a camp hack that will make removing soot from pans a breeze. The secret is in the soap.

Removing soot from pans

The type of soap you use doesn't matter for this camp hack, but the timing sure does. Cover the bottom of your pan, skillet or pot with soap before setting it in a bed of coals. Use a thin, but even layer of soap to coat the outside of your pan. Then, start cooking!

Pre-soaping your pan will help prevent soot from sticking, which will make wiping the soot off the pan once it has cooled much easier.

Removing soot from pans

Removing Soot from pans

Along with adding a thin layer of soap to your camping cookware, be aware of where you place your pots and pans on the fire. The best part of a campfire to place cookware over is a bed of hot coals. Avoid putting your pans directly over an open flame or on a log if you want removing soot from your cookware to be easier later.

Check out our YouTube video to see Justin Fricke of The Bro'd Trip show you how it's done.

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