TrailTime Tips: How to Build a Smokeless Campfire

If you've spent any time around a campfire you know how annoying it can be when you get a bunch of smoke blowing right in your face. You get up and move, but it only seems to follow you. You scream "I hate white rabbits" or any other series of words that are supposed to help but nothing does. Follow this great tip from IntenseAngler and you'll learn how to build a smokeless campfire.


As John described in the video above, a good fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen. By opening up one small section of the fire ring, you can allow more oxygen to enter the fire. This low-level air works to properly feed the fire and help it burn efficiently which reduces smoke.

Smoke is attracted to objects, that's why it follows you around. If you place one large flat rock on the opposite end of the opening, the air will be drawn through the fire and the smoke will the drawn to that largest rock. Heat rises so the smoke will go straight up from there.

This firepit design helps the fire burn efficiently and keeps the smoke from hitting you directly in the face. This should make your time around the campfire that much more enjoyable so bring an extra bag of marshmallows.

What do you think? Have you tried it? What other ways do you suggest for keeping the smoke from bothering you around a campfire?
A special Thanks to John at IntenseAngler Outdoors for sharing this great tip. Check out his YouTube Channel for other great outdoor tips, tricks, and trip videos.

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