S'moreos: A Twist on the Campfire Classic

There's no campfire snack quite like the classic s'mores recipe. Most people's memory of camping or sitting around a campfire involves roasting marshmallows and squishing them between two graham crackers with some chocolate. Brace yourself because you may never think of s'mores the same again after you see this s'moreo recipe.


S'moreo Recipe

This delicious take on the classic s'more is as easy as you see above. Simply open up an Oreo and add a roasted marshmallow, some peanut butter and/or Nutella. I personally suggest you go for both Nutella and peanut butter - it's delicious.

Want to see this done? Check out this quick S'moreo Video:

Not an Oreo fan? Try this Peanut Butter Cup S'mores Recipe.

S'mores Recipe
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