Starting a Fire in Bad Weather

Those wet, windy and downright nasty days out camping are when we desire the warmth of a flame the most. But on those types of days starting a fire can be tricky. Don't let the elements prevent you from getting that fire cooking. We've got a fire starting technique fit to solve your soggy problems.

For this fire starting tip, you will need some sort of camp stove in addition to tinder and the rest of your fire building materials.

First, light up your camp stove and use the flame to light a few small sticks on fire. Once the sticks are ablaze, use them like large matches to set fire to your wet tinder. After you get your tinder to catch fire, continue adding more tinder and sticks to build your fire as you normally would.

This method works well when you're dealing with wet or windy conditions because it gives your tinder more time to catch a flame. Your camp stove works as a large lighter to catch the sticks on fire. The sticks work as long matches for lighting your tinder, allowing you to hold them to the tinder for a longer period of time before the flame reaches your hand.

See this fire-starting technique in action by hitting play on the video below.

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